Our Brands


aland is born and rooted in China. It aims to provide consumers with all-around and trustworthy nutritional solution. With an extensive series of products that cover areas such as basic nutrition, bone health, intestine health and eye health, aland hopes to promote nutrition, health and well-being of its customers.


The choice of professionals for over 30 years. As a time-honored premium dietary supplements brand in UK, BioCare is built on a 30-year heritage of harnessing the knowledge and innovative ideas of nutrition and healthcare professionals, dedicated to high quality and a full range of professional solutions.


Bloem is a Dutch natural health brand that was born in 1912. Every Bloem health product comprises more than a hundred years of knowledge, research and practical experience in naturopathy. They revive the inner strength and vitality of the body and mind. Becoming the better you with Bloem!

Natural Wellbeing

Natural Wellbeing is a British nutrition brand. It owns many brands such as Vertese, VitPlus+, and Monkey Wellbeing. By producing products that comprise of natural ingredients, it hopes to provide premium health solutions to modern life.


alandv is a sports nutrition brand presented by aland group that targets FMCG and youth market. It has now introduced a series of products including protein bars, energy bars and cereal protein power in different flavors. alandv makes nutrition scientific, easy to supplement and easy to carry.



Glucosamine chondroitin + Vitamin D + Calcium
Vitamin C
alandv cereal power bar
alandv protein bar
BioCare BioAcidophilus Forte 7 Caps
BioCare Slippery Elm Plus
BLOEM Alcea rosea throat lozenge
Young's? Bear Vitamin C Lozenges
Mothernest Blueberry&Sialic Acid DHA Algal Oil
Mothernest Lactoferrin Formulated Milk Powder
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